Group Executive

What does the Group Executive Do?

All members of the group executive are trustees of the charity and take responsibility for managing the group inline with the charity's vision, mission and strategy.

The group executive undertakes strategic planning to ensure that the group has the resources required to provide fun, challenge and adventure to the young people of Washington and their largely behind-the-scenes role enables adult leaders to focus on activities and programme for young people.

How is the Executive Made Up?

The executive is made up of adult leaders, supporters of the group and members of the local community. 3rd Washington's exec consists of:-

Ex-officio Members

  • Group Chairperson

  • Group Scout Leader

  • Treasurer

  • Section Leaders

Elected Members

  • Elected at the AGM by the group council (usually 4 to 6 elected members)

Nominated Members

  • Nominations by the Group Scout Leader, no more than there are elected members.

Co-opted Members

  • Additional members co-opted by the group executive, who usually to bring a particular skill to the team.

Could You Inspire, Challenge and Support?

Download our role descriptions and apply to join our executive. You don't need any scouting experience and we're looking for volunteers with a broad range of skills and backgrounds.

Minutes from Our Meetings

The group operates for the benefit of it's members and aims to be transparent in decision making. Visit our group exec's operational page, including agenda and meeting minutes.


John Dunbar

Currently Vacant

Currently Vacant

Nominated Members
Matthew Willcock(<25 rep)

Elected Members
Glenda Moore (2005)
Alison Nicholson (2015)

Donna Hictcham (2020)

Belinda Humphrey (2021)

Co-opted Members
Carl Hickman (2018)
Stephen Harrison (2018)

Ex-Officio Members
Craig Johnson
Katherine Wright
Nicola Fell
Craig Johnson
Matthew Willcock (2018)
Christine Willcock (2018)