Why We Fundraise

3rd Washington is a charity and therefore we need funding to help us grow and support the young people in our group. We provide our young people the opportunity to enjoy time in the great outdoors, spend their first nights away from home and learning about their local community with many opportunities to help the community grow.

We work hard to raise money for the group and we really appreciate any support you can give. We're also really interested in any new ideas that will help us raise funds. If you have a fundraising idea please get in touch by emailing our fundraising team.

£10 could

contribute to the cost of a young person's membership. The cost is small, but the experience is huge.

£25 could

contribute towards a young person's scout activities away from a weekly meeting. It could support with climbing to camping.

£50 could

contribute to the cost of a nights away experience for a young person. Your donation could enable a scout to experience the wonders of the wilderness and the magic of the mountains.

Donate Online Today

Donate online using our easy step-by-step donation platform. You can choose between a one-off donations or setup a monthly direct debit in seconds.

Support 3rd Washington

Events – Specific events throughout the year aimed at raising funds while having fun with family and friends!

Our Fundraising Team

Our fundraising team seeks out grants to ensure that the group has all of the equipment it needs to get scouts outdoors and active and to prepare young people with skills for life.

If you have a fundraising idea or want to join our fundraising team, please email, John Dunbar heads up this team on behalf of the group executive.

Grant Support

3rd Washington are extremely grateful to the lots of organisations and trusts for who have supported us over the last few years. The group has big ambitions to continue its development and provide more opportunities for members while keeping the cost down for participation in events.