Badges and Uniforms


Wearing uniform gives our young people a place to proudly display the badges that they have achieved in scouting. It also makes them recognisable when out in the community and in many cases we get preferential treatment as a result.

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms can either be bought online at or at Durham Scout Shop (Moor House Adventure Centre, West Rainton).

3rd Washington provide neckers and woggles when a young person first makes their promise as a member of the group. The royal blue necker shows that a beaver, cub or scout is a member of 3rd Washington and in beavers and cubs the colour of your woggle shows which team you belong to (beaver teams are called lodges and cub teams are called sixes).

Need a Replacement?

Replacement neckers and woggles can be purchased from your section leader.

  • Neckers cost £3.00

  • Woggles cost £1.50

Missing a Badge?

With so much going on, we sometimes don't get all of the right badges to the right people so if you're missing a badge, let your section leader know and they will sort out the badges you need.

Where Do My Badges Go?

A diagram for each section is available to show where badges go.

Got An Old Uniform?

If you have a uniform at home that's no longer in use, drop us an email to arrange passing it on, you could just be helping another young person to be part of scouting. Find out more about our equipment exchange.

Badges and Awards

Across all of our sections, young people work towards their Chief Scout's Award, which is the highest award available to a beaver, a cub or a scout. In order to gain the award, beavers, cubs and scouts must complete Challenge Badges and Activity Badges, appropriate to their section.

Challenge Badges

Challenge badges are based on participation and help young people to explore the world around them, most colony, pack or troop night activities work towards a challenge badge, although because we enjoy branding up our programme, it might not be so obvious how. You can see the challenge badges available by clicking a link below:-

Activity Badges

Activity badges are about demonstrating a skill of skill or commitment. There will be opportunities to complete an activity badge through our programme, but activity badges can also be completed outside of our regular meetings. Scouts could for example bring in pictures of models they have made at home and talk about them with a member of the leader team to earn the model maker badge. A cub could ask his swimming teacher to sign a copy of the badge requirements for Swimmer Stage 1 to show that he is capable and earn the badge.

You can download the requirements for activity badges:-

More Badges

As well as all of these badges, young people also earn badges for attending Nights Away Events, walks and annual participation.