Admission Form

How We Use Your Data

Page 1

  • We collect name and date of birth so that we can identify the individual and ensure that they are part of the right section in the group.

  • We collect nationality, religion, ethnicity and gender information to ensure that we comply with the Scout Association's equal opportunities policy.

Page 2

  • We collect contact details for the young person to allow us to stay in touch. Our preferred method of contact is via email. We also use the home address details to claim gift aid if the gift aid box is ticked later in the form.

Page 3

  • We collect medical details to ensure that we can keep all of our young people safe during our activities. It's really important for us that you let us know of any new medical conditions.

Page 4 & 5 - Contacts

  • We collect parent and guardian details to ensure that we can get in touch in an emergency. We will permission also use these contact details to tell you about events for your scout and tell you about developments in the group.

  • We use the optional occupation boxes to identify whether we can offer support for your scout to attend events.

  • We use the optional occupation details to box to identify if we can ask you for support, for example if you are a plumber, we may contact you to see if you could provide a plumbing demonstration.

Page 6

  • We collect these details to ensure that we have another contact in the event of an emergency. This gives us an alternative contact in the event that both parents / guardians listed in 1 and 2 are out of signal.

Page 7 - Specific Permissions

  • We use this section to obtain specific permissions for young people to participate in group activities, including photo permission etc.

Page 8 - Signature

  • We confirm that the person completing the form is authorised to do so.

We keep these records while the individual is in the group and if the individual leaves the group, we will keep them within the group for a year, allowing the individual to return should they choose.