Who Egged My Windows?

Lord and Lady Salmonella are face with a disastrous evening when Lady Salmonella returns home from a charity event.

Your job is to piece together Lady Salmonella's movements and find out what happened. You will be expected to work as a team and to save the day. Do you have what it takes to be the hero in this story?

Join us at 1600 hours to find out what you will need to do.

Sunnyside Manor

Team Rooms

Team 1

Anna W

Freddie W

Ben S

Lexi S


Team 2

Thomas L

Bobbie M

Josh L

Chloe A

James A

Team 3

Emily C

Thomas Mc

Dan W

Emily N

Sarah W

Team 4

James C

Joshua T

William H

Adam B

Mollie T

Team 5

Brandon M

Lewis Mc

Blake P

Chloe S

Alex C

Team 6

Connor P

Ben H

Joseph L

Ollie P