Spare Time Activities

As a family, can you complete all the challenges?

Build a human pyramid

As a family, build a human pyramid. Be careful!

You will need:

  • all your family

  • a soft landing space

  • adult supervision

Create an easter rap song

Put your rapping skills to the test by recording your very own rap song!

Tell a joke

Nice and easy. Tell your favourite joke or create your own! We may share these at our campfire.

Create a mud portrait

There's nothing better than being outside and making memories. For this challenge you will create your own faces out of mud.

You will need:

  • mud

  • water

  • place to stick the mud and sculpt your own face

Egg Throwing Championships

Welcome to the World Egg Throwing Championships! Your challenge is to see how far you can throw an egg to another person without the egg smashing.

You will need:

  • 2 people

  • raw eggs

  • tape measure

  • adult supervision

Be careful as if the egg smashes there is a possibility of egg and shell to go EVERYWHERE!

Take an Easter themed group photo

Think all things Easter, be cheesy and be creative. Take a group photo of everyone involved in our Easter Camp at Home and upload your image to our upload form.

Easter Bonnet

Create an Easter Bonnet.

Food Scavenger hunt

Your challenge is spelling the phrase 'Easter Camp at Home' by gathering food items for each letter.

For egg-sample.

E (egg) A (apple) S (spaghetti) T (?) E (?) R (?) C (?) A (?) M (?) P (?) A (?) T (?) H (?) O (?) M (?) E (?)

Light a fire and toast marshmallows

Be careful and ask for adult support. Your challenge is to light a little campfire and toast a marshmallow.

What can you do with only two eggs?

You have access to only two eggs. What can you do with them?

Could you cook a meal? Or, could you stand on them without them breaking?

Be careful and ask for adult support.

Can you complete this fitness challenge?

CHA CHA Slide - watch this fitness video and try your best to follow along!