Egg Firing Ballista

A pioneering tradition as old as time!

Each year, at Easter Camp, scouts (and adults) are faced with a challenge like no other. They are challenged to construct the ultimate Egg Firing Ballista to participate in the Egg Firing Championships. Traditionally, scouts would be given a few hours to construct their ballista that must be free standing and is able to fire an egg at the leader team who would be sat across the field from them. The aim of the game is to crack an over an adult! This year, our Egg Firing Championships will continue with a few changes! How far can you fire an egg?

Your challenge:

  1. You are to design and construct a ballista that is able to fire an egg as far as possibly. You cannot throw your egg it must be launched from your ballista.

  2. You have all weekend to build your ballista.

  3. Upload your video of you firing your ballista. You might see your video live at our closing ceremony!

  4. Remember to be safe and not to fire your egg at anything that might break. (Adult supervision required.)

You will need:

  • staves x6

  • sisal / rope

  • egg holding contraption (not supplied - you'll need to design and make your own)

How to make a simple egg firing ballista.

  1. Create an A frame (triangle) using three staves and tying a square lashing at each join.

  2. Using another square lashing, join 2 more stave together in a V shape.

  3. Attached the V shape to the A frame as its back legs again using square lashings.

  4. Attach a locking bar to the bottom of your A frame and the back of the V shaped back legs.

How to tie a square lashing.