Easter Camp at Home

Welcome to Easter Camp at Home!

3rd - 4th April

We are very excited to announce that we will be holding our very 1st Easter Camp at Home. Although we cannot meet face to face, we will definitely make our Easter Camp at Home an event to remember. Usually, our young people build their own camping sites which included putting up tents and organising their equipment. They work together to prepare and cook all their meals. And, they complete a different activities that develop a range of skills for life.

Beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers (including families) are all welcome to join us on the 3rd and 4th of April to take part in a range of activities that will get you creating, designing and challenging yourself. If you are brave enough, why not set up your own campsite in your back garden or create your own den indoors?


Saturday 3rd April

12:00 Welcome Party!

Join us live for our opening ceremony! Please wear your uniform and be ready of a party.

13:00 Creamy Chocolate Mousse (45 minutes)

If you love easter and the huge amount of chocolate it brings! Then our Creamy Chocolate Mousse Egg challenge is the perfect activity for you.

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14:30 Egg-cellent Eggs (45 minutes)

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16:00 Who's egged my windows? (60 minutes)

Can you solve the mystery of the egger? Someone or something has been causing trouble in our local area!

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18:00 Tin can pancakes and Campfire

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Have you got a talent that you'd like to share? Record your talent, upload the video and we may be able to watch it together at our Virtual Campfire.

20:00 Film and Popcorn

Choose your favourite film and relax!

Sunday 4th April

09:00 Wake up, shake up.

Get ready for the day with our awesome morning workout followed by an ice water challenge. Make sure you have a bucket of cold water ready!

Easter Egg Hunt Launch!

After your warm up you will find out all you need to know about our Easter Egg Hunt. Be there or you won't know where the treats are hidden!

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12:00 Egg Firing Ballista - Fire! / Closing Ceremony

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Egg Firing Ballista

Over the weekend, you are challenged to build an egg firing ballista that will catapult an egg as far as possible.

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Spare Time Activities

Do you have a spare 5 minutes? Can you complete all the challenges?

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