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Frequently asked questions

General questions and online meetings

We don’t have a device or a connection to allow us to get involved with online scout meeting.

Please contact your section leader, ideally by email if you can, otherwise by phone. We have made some contingency plans to help to get you involved and can arrange a loan device/connection.

Should we continue to pay monthly subs during the period that scouts aren’t meeting face to face?

Our scout group is a registered charity. Membership costs £120 per year and we collect this amount monthly. Whilst some of our costs have reduced during the pandemic, some fixed costs such as insurances will remain. If you are willing and able to continue to pay subs to the group, then please do so. However, should you be facing hardship in any way, please contact your section leader in the first instance to discuss how we can help. The group's overall approach to subs is being reviewed by trustees at their meeting at October. Your views are important, please email our parents' trustee,

Do young people ‘have’ to get involved with online scouting?

Like all scout activities, we encourage everyone to get involved in scouting. During the pandemic, scouting just takes a different form. Have a go...get involved, have a laugh. We always say in scouts that ‘you get out what you put in’. If it's not your thing...why not have a think and suggest what is. We’d love to hear from you!

My scout is now too old for the beaver, cub, scout or explorer scout section. When will they move on to the next section?

All young people across the group will remain in with their current section for the first, 6-week programme cycle. We will then plan some moves in late October and again in January. It's important that young people, parents and leaders are comfortable and ready for the move. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rules this year.

My scout's uniform doesn't fit - do they have to wear it?

We're a uniformed organisation and we usually wear uniform at our meetings. Section leaders will communicate what to wear depending on the planned activities. Whilst we'd prefer everyone to have uniform, we recognise that replacing outgrown items currently is difficult. So...please do your best and talk to your section leader to accommodate your plans.

Face to face scout meetings

When will meetings return indoors? Will they go back to weekly?

We're planned to return to face to face meetings during the autumn however with the latest lockdown, we have postponed our return. We're risk-assessed, covid-safe and will be ready to go once the local corona virus situation allows.

I'm unable to arrange transport to/from outdoor activities. Does this mean that my scout will miss out?

We hope not! If you could make every effort to arrange lifts, make your own arrangements with other parents/carers to share cars safely then that would be ideal. We're working on a plan to get our minibuses back on the road safely in the coming weeks. If you're really stuck, contact your section leader.

When will scouts start going on sleepovers, camps and residential activities again?

Current guidance from the Scouts confirms that residential will not take place before January 2021. This is based on National Youth Agency guidance. The situation will be reviewed in December 2020 and we'll know more than. Like you - we can't wait to go away again. As soon as we can safely, we will!