Mission 2
1. Plan and run three outdoor activities in the Section that you are working within.
  • Plan and run a widegame
  • Plan and run a day walk with support from a leader
  • Run a treasure hunt
2. Create a way to record the badgework covered during your three mission activities.

Mission 4

1. Taking responsibility for part of the organisation and running the Section in which you are working. This will include.
  • Be involved in programme planning with the leader team
  • Plan to run the elements of an activity badge.
  • Taking responsibility for record keeping in the Section.
2. Plan and lead a planning meeting, including:
  • Take a lead on an activity within a programme and lead a planning meeting.
  • Use the balanced programme checker to review the programme overall.

Mission 1
1. Plan and run three indoor activities for the section with which you are working for example
  • Run a game for the section you are working with
  • Run a craft activity for the section you are supporting
  • Plan and organise a Friday night activity such as Quasar.
Mission 3
1. Plan and run a Sectional Forum. This may include:
  • Hold a PL's Forum
  • Hold an under 12s forum
  • Hold a sixers forum
2. Take appropriate action based on the decisions made at these meetings, for example:
  • Feedback to the leader team on any activities that cubs want to do.
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