Learning Points From Leadership Weekend

  1. Listening more
  2. Leading more
  3. Supporting Younger People
  4. Improve my uniform
  5. Have banter with my patrol
Action Plan
  1. Listen to patrols more than currently
  2. Take a lead on running a game
  3. Support younger scouts just moved up
  4. Take more of a lead for own patrols uniform
  5. Play/ Banter, right time, right place.
What's good about Scouts @ St Andrews?
  1. Things good on a tuesday night
  2. Leaders have a laugh
  3. Leaders patient
  4. Not too strict (i.e. School Situation)
What do you think of our current programme?
  1. PLs would like more adventure, for example
    1. Buggies at MH
    2. Canoeing
  2. BadgeFest was a favourite programme
  3. Over 12s Camp
  4. Sometimes it would be better if we got more than just a taster
How could leaders help PLs more?
  1. Maintain a points system
  2. Be more consistent