Scout in Uniform

Scouts have always been well known for wearing a uniform, earning/wearing badges and a necker. Uniforms are a very big part of scouts and should be purchased after being in the troop for 4-6 weeks.

New uniform can be ordered from Scout Shops Online, from Durham Scout County shop at Moorhouse or our group also runs a uniform upcycling scheme (a swap shop).

Please only purchase a Scout shirt/blouse and activity pants.
All other items will be presented during their investiture.

Our scout on the right shows off how to wear your uniform
  • Scout shirt/blouse (ironed)
  • Badges worn in the correct place
  • Necker (ironed)
  • Woggle
  • Dark trousers ('school-type' or 'cargo/activity' pants) 
  • Dark trainers
We pride ourselves on ensuring that our uniform is correct and should be worn EVERYTIME we are meeting in our usual meeting place.


Once youngsters have purchased their uniform, they will be invested into the Scout troop. This usually takes place at the end of programme parents and carers night.

Here youngsters will be asked to make the scouts sign (click here) and repeat their scout promise (click here). Upon completion of this, they will be presented with their necker, woggle and all joining badges. 

Please ensure you add these badges to uniforms ASAP to ensure they don't become lost.

Lost Uniform Items

Whilst scouts will be given a necker and woggle at their investiture, sometimes these items become lost.

Scouts are responsible for these items and should you lose any of these items, additional items can be purchased from your Scout Leader.
  • Necker (£3.00, payable in cash)
  • Woggle (£1.00, payable in cash)