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Personal Challenge

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Personal Challenge Badge

The Personal Challenge

The personal challenge is one of the 7 challenge badges which make up the Chief Scout’s Award. To complete this badge, scouts need to complete 2 personal challenges, one chosen by the scout and the other by your leader. It’s about making a commitment and taking responsibility for what you do.

Examples of challenges:-
  • Achieve the next grade in your music instrument. Walking Scout Challenge
  • Train for and complete a sporting event in which you have not  participated in before.
  • Complete a project such as programming a Raspberry Pi.
  • Learn a new skill and achieve an agreed level i.e. Level 1 BCU Kayak certificate.
  • Earn a spot on a sports team.
  • Organise a small fundraising event.
  • Write a song.
  • Look after a new scout for a programme.
  • Lead the cooking at camp for a day.
  • Overcome a fear or phobia.

Getting Started

We’ve got leaders lined up at St Andrews and Oxclose to help you get on your way. Just message your sectiion leadrr and they will let you know when you can next drop in.

At your first drop in session you‘ll agree a challenge, once you’re done and you can either show that you’ve completed it (for example bringing a certificate or photo), or talk about completing it. Simply make an appointment to drop into the next session.

We’ll keep a record and present your badge once you’ve completed 2 challenges.
Stephen Harrison,
14 Jan 2018, 04:27