Packed Lunch

Scouts will need to bring a packed lunch and some additional rations in their day bag. Packed lunches should be generous and include plenty to drink as scouts could be walking on a hot day. Scouts won't have access to any cooking facilities during the day.

Scouts should also bring some extra food as emergency rations, a mars bar, or kendal mint cake is ideal. 

It's important that scouts consume lots of calories as they will be on-the-go all of the day.


Team leaders will purchase food on behalf of their team and this will be arranged on one of the planning nights. Scouts should all bring £5 to contribute to their evening meal and breakfast. 

Team leaders will organise the main meal (expedition food like these from Cotswolds are ideal) as scouts will only have access to a single pan and water at base camp. Team leaders will also source a dessert too.

Scouts will have details of their team leader and also a member of the leader team (to check on any special diet requirements) or in case there are any problems with food from the planning night.


The leader team will supply a light breakfast on the Sunday morning and some snacks as scouts clear camp.

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