Frequently Asked Questions

Why Expedition Challenge?
Expedition challenge is an incredible opportunity to spend our spring programme outdoors and it's one of the badges where scouts have the chance to develop some new skills,work as part of a team and solve some real problems together giving them an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Expedition? That's a big ask.
Scouts will plan an expedition that's suitable for them, we're not talking arctic adventures, we're talking a 6 to 8 miles walk with a purpose such as to visit a museum, to re-enact a battle, to find a geocache or to reach the peak of a hill. Leaders will work with scouts to ensure as a patrol they plan a route that's both challenging and achieveable.

Our Expedition Challenge programme is focused on making sure that scouts have the skills to be able to complete an expedition, this includes choosing the right food, right gear, navigation, some basic first aid and walking safety. Patrols will carry a passport over the programme to show that their patrol has the skills to go out.

Where will the expedition take place?
Expeditions will take place in the Dilston area. We're running expeditions for scouts and explorers on the same weekend, so patrols may start from various locations with different goals for each group, they'll all end the Saturday at the same location, but where their route takes them is up to the patrols.

Do scouts need any specialist equipment?
Scouts will need walking boots with ankle support for the weekend. They are a good purchase for any scout who regularly walks or camps with us if they don't have some already. If it's an expedition on a budget, then boots can be hired from Reynolds Outdoors in Sunderland and the group can support purchase of gear where needed.

Scouts will not be carrying their full kit, however they will need a suitable day bag to carry their lunch and waterproof coat. The patrol will have some items to carry between them such as a basic first aid kit.

How much does the weekend cost?
There's won't be a charge for weekend, however there will be an expectation that scouts provide a number of meals for themselves or as a patrol.
  • Scouts will need to bring a suitable packed lunch and some additional snacks which could be kept in case of an emergency.
  • Patrol leaders will take responsibility for planning a suitable evening meal and scouts will need to pay for their share, we estimate the cost will be around £7 each, because patrol leaders will be sorting boil in the bag and expedition type food.
Will there be a leader walking with scouts?
Scouts will be walking in patrols (of at least 4), with a patrol leader who will take the lead on guiding patrols along the planned route. There will not be a leader walking with patrols, however patrols will regularly check in with leaders across the day.