Adventures can be big or small

Top Tips for Before, During and After Camp

1. Pack your own bag
Mums are great at fitting more stuff into a rucksack than seems physically possible. Pack your own bag and avoid spending the last day of camp struggle to repack everything to go home.

2. Bring Sandals
Sandals are perfect footwear for a summer camp - you can wander round the camp site and in and out of the river without needing to change and as a bonus for you and the rest of your patrol you don't get sweaty feet.

3. Label Everything
Its much easier to reunite your clothes with you on that last day scramble to pack!

4. Practice Cooking at Home
Patrols at camp cook their own food, so its no good if you don't know a frying pan from a Frisbee. Get involved with the cooking at home and you'll learn a valuable skill for camp!

5. Food Tastes Better at Camp
Running around all day means that everyone is pretty hungry by teatime, this makes meals which you wouldn't normally eat at home so much more appealing. Don't like curry? Give it a try - you may be surprised. If you still don't like it, feedback after camp through the website.