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Scouts: What a Breath of Fresh Air

posted 15 Mar 2015, 13:12 by Stephen Harrison
Scuba - It's a breath of fresh air!
Our first programme of the year has certainly been one to remember with an activity packed agenda, non stop from the first week in January. The programme has been all about experiencing a healthy lifestyle, including food and exercise and having a great time doing it.

Among many highlights, scouts have made smoothies, concocting some very interesting mixes of fruit, honey and cream. All with some help from Sainsbury's Washington who kindly supplied a variety of ingredients to mush together. Scouts have further dabbled with cooking, taking some fast foods and re-imagining them as healthier alternatives, home cooked and shared with friends. Home made chicken kebabs were on the menu, along with pizza, and something called salad?!

We've also had a Boot Camp experience with Ed and Katie, I'm certain that there were few scouts who didn't ache the next... and who would have thought sitting against a wall would be so tiring! Thanks very much to our instructors for bringing some energy to proceedings! If anyone is up for more boot camp hell, Ed and Katie run a session at Penshaw Monument 3 times a week.

Scouts have tested their agility, fitness and reactions with our body MOT, as well as proving that they are (just as us leaders thought) full of hot air, taking our lung capacity test. Some scouts proved that they have extremely youthful reaction times.

Pizza Making
The big highlight of the programme was a try dive scuba diving experience with Aquanorth diving centre. The night at the pool gave scouts the chance to learn some basics of scuba diving, including how to breathe under water, how to use the regulator, how to dive down to the bottom and most importantly, how to surface again. Scouts had a great time in the pool and were working together well, signalling underwater and looking out for each other. For any scouts who want to do more, Aquanorth offer courses and scouts will receive a £10 from the advertised price.

The programme ends with a families night, where parents and carers will be able to try some of the activities from the programme and scouts will be presented with the fitness challenge award.

Photos from the programme are available in the photos zone, with more photos from scuba coming soon.

Through our active programme, scouts are encouraged to push themselves to achieve more and to work together to support each other in overcoming obstacles. Through our programme, our young people develop as members of the scouting community, learn to work in teams and develop leadership skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.