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Scouts: Gainford Got Us Grinning

posted 31 Jan 2015, 08:04 by Stephen Harrison
The first nights away of the year are always great fun, it's seems like a long gap between Leadership Weekend in November and Under 12s Weekend in January. Under 12s weekend always gives the leaders a great chance to get to know the troop's newest members well and it's always a relaxed weekend.

After a manic Friday night of games, stories and a film, Saturday morning is where the adventure really starts.
Rotating round a number of activities, scouts got a taste of archery, with some scouts showing some great skill, hitting the bullseye more than once. Scouts also tried their hands at geocaching, a high tech treasure hunt using GPSs to get out and about in the village and beyond. The third activity for the morning was pancake races, we might be a bit early for Pancake Tuesday, but it was flippin' brilliant! It's debatable how many of the pancakes were edible, but that didn't matter as our main aim was to flip them as high as possible.

In the afternoon we unpacked our boots for a scenic walk along the River Tees from Egglestone Abbey to Whorlton. The walk included a couple of hills which scouts were able to roll down. Luckily for us, the weather was good, although I think a few of us were hoping for snow. At the end of the three miles, the leaders looked more worn out than the Scouts!

Saturday evening challenged the imagination of our young people as we headed back to Egglestone Abbey for a wide game in the dark. The ruins of the abbey cast a ghoulish shadow across the playing area and provided hiding places aplenty for leaders.

Sunday morning was spent with a traditional scouting activity as everyone tried their hand at pioneering. After learning some basics, everyone worked together to build a set of monkey bars, which were strong enough to hold scouts (not leaders!). Once completed, scouts challenged each other to get across safely.

Visit our image gallery for more photos from the weekend.

Scouts can find out about more opportunities to experience nights away on our camping pages and can look forward to an exciting year of outdoor adventure.