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Scouts: Celebrating Badgefest Success

posted 28 Jul 2015, 14:32 by Stephen Harrison
Scouts on photographer's badge
Scout eating kebab
Scouts recently celebrated the end of their badgefest programme, a whirlwind programme which saw scouts choosing between 16 different badges, with up to 7 badges running on any one week.

Over the course of the programme, scouts worked towards one or two activity badges, developing their skills along the way, from photographers learning to compose their images in the early weeks, then spending time on the road on the hunt for the perfect pic, or our budding mechanics learning to service a car (parents and carers beware!).

We've also had scouts learning judo, covering half of the north east as part of cyclist badge, swimming miles, getting creative and crafty, showing their athletic prowess and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Another highlight was survival badge, which included a 24 hour survival exercise where scouts build their own shelter and cooked their food on the fire. All scouts earned at least one activity badge through the programme, which count towards the 6 they need to achieve Chief Scouts' Gold Award.

Badgefest is also a unique opportunity for leaders as they work with a group of scouts over a number of weeks and have the chance to see their group grow in confidence, in experience and in skills across the programme.

At the end of programme families night, scouts were presented with their badges and talked confidently about what they had been up to over the programme to the audience.

3rd Washington Scouts pride themselves in providing a balanced programme that appropriately challenges young people and adult volunteers alike. Through a range of activities, often outdoors-based, we aim to help young people to enjoy life, have fun and become better citizens who uphold scouting's values.