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Scouts: All Aboard to Kettleness!

posted 26 Mar 2015, 05:06 by John Henderson
Steam powered adventure for scouts and explorers... Yes Please! The older Scouts and the Explorers climbed aboard the minibuses for a spooky action-packed weekend at an old railway station in North Yorkshire. Converted from Kettleness railway station in the 1960’s by the East Cleveland Scout District, Seeonee Lair Campsite and Activity Centre is a fantastic venue for our adventurous Scout and Explorer sections.

After a few tense minutes trying to find the power switch the Scouts and Explorers made their way into the accommodation and settled in for the weekend. With another fantastic effort by Tesco Home Deliveries, the group packed away the food for the weekend - this much adventure requires a lot of calories!!

The railway theme continued into Saturday with a trip on the North York Moors steam train into Whitby. Our group climbed aboard the Whitby express turning one carriage into adventure central. The train pulled out the station with a whoosh of steam and we were off to Whitby!

20mins later we arrived to spend the day scouring the shops for the perfect Mother’s Day present and wow, our Scouts and Explorers certainly found some unique items! Before heading back to Kettleness the group stopped at a local venue for some hard earned 'healthy' calories.

The group was lucky to celebrate two birthdays over the weekend, congratulations to Callum and Ali. There was plenty of cake and candles for all of the group, although the number of candles on Ali's cake could have been a fire hazard!

The famous ‘Ghost of Kettleness Station’ was never far away and would often close the kitchen door right in the face of a leader- what timing! Late one night two intrepid (and perhaps a little scared) group leaders went to investigate a strange knocking sound at the front door. On investigation the leaders confirmed that the front door was firmly locked although a regular knocking sound came from the door almost as if the Ghost had missed the train and was demanding entry!

A video was taken to prove the ghostly going-ons and the next day we discovered a strange whistling noise on the video which added a new level of suspense to the next day’s camp fire!

Sunday morning was spent at the local beach with Scout leaders running madly up and down the sand in an attempt to get our new kites to fly. The majority of the Scouts and Explorers sensibly watched from the side lines shouting encouragement! Eventually, but not before we lost one kite on the cliffs, we admitted defeat due to lack of wind. The group then faced the tough journey back to the old station climbing over 200 steps from the beach to the cliff tops.

Sunday afternoon was spent clearing away and the group reluctantly left for home but not before a group photograph on the old platform.

Another fantastic weekend away with 3rd Washington Scouts!

The weekend with the older members of the group proved a big hit so I am sure the event will become a firm fixture in our future plans.

Scouts can find out about more opportunities to experience nights away on our camping pages and can look forward to an exciting year of outdoor adventure.