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OCC Thanks in a Poem!

posted 10 Nov 2016, 05:54 by Jonathan Chicken
Last Sunday we added 140 shoe boxes to 60 from St. Andrews Church. 

We have received a thank you from Joan Chicken on behalf of St. Andrew's Church for our work with Christmas shoe boxes. 




What can you put in a shoe box, apart from a pair of shoes?

Well the Beavers, Cubs and the Scouts of 3rd Washington

Will give you lots of clues.

They learned the plight of children in lands far away from here.

 How children may not know the meaning of Christmas

 or gifts from loved ones dear.

 Each section of the Scout group was asked to take action and give aid,

 by filling up lots of shoe boxes for poorer children.

 And so the decision was made.

 A box for each child needs a toothbrush, soap, flannel and toothpaste,

 A hat, a scarf, to keep them warm on colder days,

 pencils, a pen, paper and some sweets for them to taste.

 Well all of these really are gifts which are so worthwhile

 But is there something more they could give

 To fill the shoe boxes up and make each child smile.

 Something to give the WOW factor for every girl and boy

 What could be given to do it?

 Give a doll, a wind- up car, a bouncy ball or a lovely cuddly toy.

 Well the challenge for filling up shoeboxes was so willingly set.

The boys and girls in each section got on with the task

and the target to fill many boxes as you can see was well and truly met.

Joan Chicken
November 2016