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Celebrating 40 Years of Scouting at 3rd Washington

posted 31 Jan 2015, 07:40 by Stephen Harrison
This January, 3rd Washington Scouts celebrated 40 years of Adventure in the North of Washington.

It's 40 years since founder John Addington set up the group, at the time, John's son was on the waiting list for a group in Usworth and the local adult volunteers were trying to persuade parents to get involved. Perhaps some things haven't changed that much!

At the first meeting of the new cubs and scouts sections, 30 cubs and 36 scouts enrolled for the first night, now we have over 200 young people enjoying scouting each week, it's incredible to think that the group could be so successful.

We think we're pretty youthful at 40, 40 years ago you certainly wouldn't have read this on our website, or heard scouts coming back from a camp talking about geocaching, but the evening gave us a chance to reflect on why we all scout, look out for some videos coming soon.

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our celebration especially parents who made fantastic cakes for the group.

You can find out more about the history of the group in the about us section.

3rd Washington Scouts is an active group, with young people enjoying a new challenge every week as part of a busy programme. Around 40 adult volunteers lead the adventure and work to make scouting possible as many young people as possible.