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Xtreme Experience @ Xperience'09

posted 25 Oct 2009, 18:00 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:54 by Stephen Harrison ]
Today, Scouts from 3rd Washington traveled north across the Tyne to Beaconsfield in North Tyneside for the Xperience'09 Event. Skateboards, hoodies and baggy jeans a plenty, scouts had eagerly read the programme and online pre-event hype.
The festival was all about 'boards, 'blades and BMX's...with some Snowboards and tubes thrown in for good measure. 12 Scouts took up this free event, and thanks to generous activity funding from Sunderland City Council the Group was able to provide free transport using our minibus.

The event fits perfectly with our current 'Get On' programme - challenging scouts to get on and try new things; like Waterwalkerz, Blades and even dance!

Find out more about Xperience at the official website.
Get Inspired by the Vert Show
The indoor arena was host to an enormous half pipe; top BMX riders and Inline Skaters from provided coaching and an hourly show. The show was awesome and scouts were breathtaken at stunts like the 1080 spin in mid air.

Checkout the 'Boards
Ryon, Lawrence, Fraser, Damien, Aaron and Callum all tried out their own skate boards on the training course before taking up a 15 minute slot on the Street Park with a range of pipes and courses setup.

Outdoor Mountain Boards
Scouts also attended a workshop with the UK top amateur Mountain Boarders, many from Devon and Cornwell. hosted the stunt show and then allowed Scouts to join local young people in workshops and try-out sessions.

Be Creative: Circadia
A large gathering of circus skills entertainers occupied their own Big-Top at the event. Callum and Malcolm signed up for a workshop and took part in the final show as two would-be clowns....they joined young trainee trapeze artists, jugglers, pole climbers and tight-rope walkers. Can you spot Callum and Malcolm in the picture? A video of their performance can also be found in the right column.

Be Creative: Graffiti
This was real, legal Graffiti tagging with pro-artists. Spray paint, masks and your very own tag...assuming you could stand the fume-lingering tent for long enough!

Scouts rated the day as 'class' and reluctantly left the show-field as the 
day drew to a close at 5pm. Definitely one to watch out for in 2010.

'It's not often you get hands-on with the pro's in such trendy sports.'

Be Creative: Beatbox
Scouts were challenged to be creative in the Beatbox workshop when top performer  Bellatrix, performed then led workshops (check her out in the video below). The talented jazz double bassist specialises in live looping and playing bass whilst beatboxing. Check out for some tips and online lessons to get started.

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