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Scouts: Whist! lads, haad yer gobs

posted 26 Aug 2009, 14:01 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:55 ]
This Tuesday, 35 scouts from 3rd Washington took part in a wide game around Penshaw Hill where legend has it the giant worm wrapped itself around. Scouts had to explore the area surrounding the monument and piece together the story of young John Lambton, heir to the Lambton estate.
According to the legend young Lambton caught a worm no bigger than his thumb when one Sunday he went to go fishing instead of going to church. He disposed of the worm down a local well and as he grows up he forgets about the creature. Over the years in the well the worm grows extremely large and destroys nearby livestock, wrapping itself round Penshaw Hill. Many brave villages tried to kill the worm but failed. John Lambton at this point had been on a crusade to find his fathers estates pennyless as a result of the worm. He seeks advice from a local witch who tells him that he must cover his armour in spearheads and once he has beaten the worm he must kill the first living thing that he sees following his victory. John Lambton did kill the worm, but the first living thing he saw after the death of the worm was his father. He couldn't bring himself to do it, so the whole of the Lambton family were cursed for 9 generations not to die in their beds. 
Having collected all of the game cards scouts gathered on the monument at the top of the hill and the first 10 teams to return won prizes.