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Scouts: To the rescue!

posted 4 Mar 2012, 15:34 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 6 Sep 2013, 14:24 by Stephen Harrison ]
Scouts in an emergency coast guard landroverscout looks at huge knotting board!Take a patrol of Scouts, one emergency vehicle packed with kit and a big red button saying 'siren' and you've got the makings of a very loud adventure! Loud was certainly the adjective that anyone in the vicinity of South Shield's Voluntary Life Brigade HQ would have used when scouts from Oxclose recently visited. The Scouts' mission was to find out how the SSVLB rescue those people whose exploration has gone rather wrong. 

Scouts discovered the rich history of the SSVLB and how over the last 150 years volunteers have rescued members of the public, mariners and even dogs who've come into difficulty on the North East Coast. The 'Breeches Buoy' was demonstrated, and scouts were impressed with the effort that these coast-guarding volunteers had to give to rescue people using this method.

Some scouts spotted the biggest knotting board ever hanging up in the briefing room and felt a strange allegiance to all things knotting....even though it seemed that the volunteer adult leaders were some of the few people to understand the link of scouts and knots!

Scout wears a rescue helmet
It all got a little more exciting when scouts moved from the past to the present and watched as a rescue technician showed how he would lower himself and a stretcher down the cliffs. 

Having explored the specialist landrover packed with rescue equipment, scouts left South Shields very much wiser of this gem of local history and with some comfort knowing that this valuable coastal rescue service existed.

Scouts from 3rd Washington take part in a balanced programme and often visit local organisations, services and places of interest to broaden their life experiences. Their Explorers & Inventors programme theme continues throughout March.