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Scouts: Temperature's Rising

posted 2 Jun 2010, 13:12 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:57 ]
The adventure temperature gauge went up a few extra degrees yesterday, as 15 scouts completed their Fire Safety Activity badge at Washington Fire Station.

After a brief introduction to fire safety, how to alert people in a real fire situation and which fire extinguisher to use it was quickly on to the more exciting stuff. During a tour of the station scouts seen the escape pole put into practice, photos of previous fire rescues and more importantly how the fire fighters spend their working day – having a game of pool and table football in the recreation room!

The tour then moved onto the bits you don’t get to see inside a Fire Engine. Water pressure and weight was discussed before scouts saw a hose pipe unravel before their very eyes – almost half the length of the fire station! Scouts were then given the opportunity to test out cutting equipment, breathing apparatus and of course the traditional fire fighters’ helmet.

After taking a seat in the Fire engine itself, scouts were then faced with their biggest challenge of the morning – putting out a real fire. Should anyone be faced with a fire in the kitchen, you should fear not as using the appropriate extinguisher scouts tackled a blaze on a toaster, a burning waste bin and a cooker.

Some group photos and lessons in how to take fire precautions in your home followed, then scouts were awarded their Fire Safety Activity badge and received a certificate, pen, magnet and stickers. Well done to everyone who took part in the event and don’t forget to check out all the photos in the photo zone.

A big thank you goes to fire safety organisation Chubb, who sponsor the Fire Safety badge and travel around the country hosting the free event for scouts.They've covered the event on their website too!