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Scouts: Taking the Lead

posted 1 Dec 2012, 07:00 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:57 ]
Scouts take the lead
Motivating others, taking the lead and communicating clearly are all important skills for patrol leaders as some of our young people found out last weekend.

Aspiring patrol leaders spent a residential weekend at West Hall where they participated in a series of activities designed to give them the tools to take on patrol leader and assistant patrol leader roles in the troop. Scouts spent Friday night getting to know each other with some icebreaker activities and small challenges.

Saturday morning started with a morning motivator (a jog to the bottom of the campsite and back in the freezing cold), before a hot sausage sandwich to warm up again and into the main programme for the day.

The morning sessions included styles of leadership (discovering which leadership style worked best and when), team working and delegation (trying to crack 50 tasks in 1 hour) and a session on gaining respect which led to some really useful discussion on scouts deal with different members of their patrols.

After lunch, it was time to think about how scouting is perceived and how young people can change the perception of scouting when out and about. After some practice in the hall and a refresher on map reading, we put our aspiring PLs to the test as scouts sending them out on an afternoon walk. Throughout the route they met leaders with flip cams who challenged them about everything from helping old ladies across roads to girls in the boy scouts. If you visit our taking the lead pages, you'll find our young people much preferred to talk about the amazing activities they do and that the troop is nearly 50:50 girls and boys.

Warmed up and back at West Hall, there was time for a session on communication before tea, then a session designed to show that patrol leaders are confident people as we played just a minute, which led to some pretty incredible after dinner speeches!

Scouts spent Sunday morning finishing off the Super Patrol Leader and made videos so that they could show the troop why scouts would want to be in their patrols to show what they had learned over the weekend.

You can find out more about what scouts learned during the weekend and see some of the videos on our taking the lead pages.

The scout group aims to develop it's young people as members of the troop, as members of the worldwide family of scouts and as members of their local community. Patrol leaders support the leader team by taking the lead in organising their patrols, feedback on troop programme on behalf of their patrols and help look after the group's equipment. Find out more how we have a positive impact on young people.