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Scouts Support Local Heritage Event

posted 19 Sept 2010, 04:59 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:57 by Stephen Harrison ]
This weekend, young people, adult leaders and exec members supported a local Heritage Festival in Washington. Scouts talked to the many visitors about their activities, why scouting is growing locally and the how important being part of our local community is to the Group.

We look along some equipment, tents and a canoe and used these against a multimedia backdrop of sound and video to highlight the adventures of girls and boys in the group in the last few months.

Elsewhere in the event, local people could explore their roots, remembering what our town used to be like and celebrating the links to the rich mining heritage.

In the main arena, we led a community 'tug'o'war', challenging other local youth groups and members of the public. Scouts were the tug-o-war youth champions....but when members of the public joined in (including our local Councillor, John Kelly) we were soon dragged to the ground! 

A successful event, with a great community spirit that we were proud to be part of.

3rd Washington Scout Group encourage all of their young members to be active members of their local communities. We aim to help young people get the most out of life by becoming better citizens in local, national and global communities.