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Scouts: Supermarket Science @ Newcastle Uni

posted 24 Feb 2010, 06:46 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:57 ]
As part of the Super-dooper science programme, Scouts have been out to Newcastle uni to see some fantastic experiments that we just can't do at the church. All of the experiments are linked around items you can find in your shopping basket. What links crisps to lightbulbs? Nitrogen of course! Nitrogen is used to stop crisps going off and to stop the filament of a lightbulb burning out. It turns out nitrogen can be used for some pretty cool experiments too.

Among the amazing experiments, we got to see how ice cream can be made quickly by using salt and ice to cool down the ice cream mix, how liquid nitrogen (cold stuff at -196 Centigrade) can turn a banana into a hammer and what happens if you mix Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) with washing up liquid.

Best of all was what the reaction we saw when you mix dry ice with water. The PH changes from neutral to acidic and it gives off thick a steam which is often used to generate smoke at rock concerts. (the steam is actually carbon dioxide)

Peter and Anne will be bring some of their supermarket science to the parent's evening and it promised to be unmissable! Thanks to Newcastle University for their 3 weeks of help with our scienice based programme!