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Scouts: Spring has Sprung for New Adventure

posted 9 May 2013, 14:03 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 6 Sep 2013, 14:19 ]
Female scout enjoys archery with adult volunteer
Female scouts enjoy making cookies to cook on a fire.
An amazing weekend of activities was a fantastic way to get the camping season off to a start! Wall to wall sunshine made it all the more enjoyable.

For many scouts it was their first time away camping as a patrol. Arriving of Friday night, they learned how to pitch tents and how to work as a team before a wide game of vampires and a hot dog supper.

Saturday was a busy day with scouts trying their hand at archery (many scoring a bull's eye on their first go thanks to our new archery instructors), shooting, a tricky treasure hunt and some backwoods cooking on the fire. Some of our bread attempts didn't quite go to plan, but as the day went on, we successfully baked some loaves of bread and cooked some chocolate chip cookies.

After a packed day, it was time to cool off and scouts enjoyed a splash about in the cool Dilston River.

Sunday saw scouts taking part in a traditional activity with a twist. Pioneering is great fun, when the outcome is an egg-firing ballista which you can aim at your leader team. Patrols worked to make sure their lashings were tight and their aim was accurate, before lining the leaderteam up on the field and letting rip. Jack and I both took direct hits, unfortunately for Jack, it was right oni the side of the head.

Scout enjoys being outdoorsAfter a very filling lunch of homemade burgers, the group walked it off, enjoying the continued sunshine along the way to Devil's Water, a pool in the river deep enough to swim, although it was absolutely freezing. While some scouts braved the water, others toasted marshmallows on the fire and exploreds the area.

Back on site, there was just time for a spot of tea before one of the highlights of every camp, the camp fire, with some fantastic songs and loads of fun, scouts had  great fun!

Our first set of photos are now online in the photos zone.

Scouts at 3rd Washington enjoy camping opportunities through the year, the highlights of the camping year are our Summer and Easter Camps, where scouts can enjoy activities from archery to abseiling, geocaching to gorge walking. Our camps are full of adventures, whether a scout is experiencing a night under canvas for the first time, or is taking on a leadership role as a patrol leader.