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Scouts: Snowy Gainford Got Us Going

posted 29 Jan 2013, 09:58 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:58 ]
Scouts had fun in the snow
It's only January and already scouts have experienced their first nights away of 2013 and it was certainly a huge adventure out in snowy Teesdale.

The weekend, designed to introduce our younger scouts to the idea of nights away and to challenge them to try some brand new activities. Friday night was spent getting to know each other with some troop night team games, before the main activities kicked off on Saturday morning.

As the sun appeared into the sky, there was a sense of anticipation for scouts, we knew it had been snowing heavily overnight and scouts couldn't wait to get outdoors. The heavy snow meant a change to programme too, our planned games were swapped for igloo building and while it was never finished, scouts managed a sizable snow wall.

Scouts also had their first geocaching adventure, heading half a mile out of Gainford to find the cache at Gainford spa, which is a sulphur spring fountain dating back to the 19th century.

Scouts enjoyed pancake racing
The other morning activity was pancake racing, a little early in the year perhaps, but good practice for the 12th of February. The open area at Gainford allowing scouts to really see how high they could flip them, without there being any danger of getting it stuck on the ceiling.

On Saturday afternoon, the whole troop ventured out along the Tees, walking the 3 miles from Egglestone Abbey to Whorlton and taking in some stunning views of the snow along the river, not to mention having a few snowball fights along the way. It was harder work than normal, but huge fun.

Scouts enjoyed some fantastic scenery
The adventure didn't stop after the walk and after a hearty evening meal, scouts were back outdoors to play a wide game at Egglestone Abbey. The ruin provides a unique location for a wide game (a game played over a wide area) as there are loads of places to hide away. It was a real challenge for scouts who were a little afraid and certainly pushed their boundaries.

On Sunday morning, scouts finished their rotation around our bases and tried their hand at pioneering. While one group headed out to our geocache, another group worked as a team to build a set of monkey bars. After successfully tying square lashings with a bit of help from some experienced volunteers, scouts were able to swing across their construction.

Photos have now been uploaded to our website gallery.

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