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Scouts: Sewing the Seeds of Sustainability

posted 11 Jun 2011, 07:50 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:58 ]
During our latest programme, Scouts have been working at Washington Old Hall to plant and maintain their allotments. We've been exploring how we can make Scouting more sustainable and all going well we should have some 'home grown' vegetables for this year's Summer Camp.

Scouts prepared the ground breaking up the soil and mixing in rich compost before seeding potatoes, onions and pumpkins. After a thorough watering, we've left our patches for the staff at the Old Hall to look after for us and we're keeping our fingers crossed for the right growing weather.

The staff at the Old Hall were keen to show us round their nutery and herb garden too where running your fingers through the leaves releases a variety of scents into the air. Our thanks go to the staff for providing us with this opportunity.

Scouting makes a positive contribution to society by helping young people to develop as active members of the community. Our current programme encourages young people to explore how global issues affect them at a local level and to take responsibility for their local environment and surroundings. Find out more about Scouting at 3rd Washington.