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Scouts: Segways Bring New Meaning to 'Balanced Programme'

posted 12 Oct 2011, 11:36 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:58 ]
Scout concentrates on balancing on SegwayScouts have been enjoying a new challenge over the last 4 weeks participating in our Segways activity. As you can see by Elle's face, this unusual form of transport takes a little concentration to master. The activity started with a lesson in how to balance on the Segway, how to go forwards, how to corner and most importantly how to stop. The suprising thing is that there are no buttons or levers, the Segway is controlled entirely by how you transfer your weight around on it.

After a little tutition on the technique required, Scouts were let loose on the circuit set up around Oxclose Primary School field to hone their balance and skills. A few laps later and the activity leaders upped the ante by taking Segways off turtle mode. This removes the speed limiter and means the Segways were capable of 12 miles per hour, which is pretty quick when you're standing upright and feel pretty precariously perched.

We finished the night with timed laps and then relay races which team four (which was made up of the leaders and Callum) won. There were cries of cheating, but the referee didn't see it either.

The Oxygen programme so far has been jam packed with activities including Judo, Geocaching and Shinty (a sport similar to hockey) and for many Segways has been the highlight.

Our method for giving young people the opportunity to learn by doing is called the Programme. The Programme is a continuous progression of training, activities and awards that covers everything that young people do in Scouting from the age of 6 to 25.