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Scouts Science Adventures @ Newcastle Maker Faire

posted 19 Mar 2010, 12:36 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:58 by Stephen Harrison ]
On Saturday scouts from Oxclose and St. Andrews went to see some wacky science inventions such as Power-Tool Racing!

The day started off with not very many people, then we went into the centre for life with full  access to the Faire and the Life centre. We then all split up and had encounters with robots mimicking a Street corner on a Friday night, A mini-dodgem and an animation studio (Which the leaders flipped someone upside down (safely)). We then went and put some 'Relaxing' goggles on although the goggles themselves made you feel sick!

Onwards we went and found a man who build a laser projector from scratch! Everyone then visited a multi-touch station and learnt about multi-touch technology.

We then had lunch, either a healthy packed lunch or an Unhealthy Chip-Shop visit! and then back to the faire we went (via Starbucks of course) and we had a look at a 3-D Mouse and some lego robots.

We then went into a conference about the Bloodhound SSC:
'The Bloodhound SSC is a 2 year old engineering project which aims to build a car which can travel faster than not just the speed of sound, but 1000mph. It is currently in the building stage and the world record should be broken in 2012.'

We then went outside and had an encounter with a fire breathing horse! It made real horse noises and galloped! A great day was had by all!