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Scouts: Patrols vs Wild

posted 18 Jul 2010, 07:03 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:58 ]

Proving we can survive when the going get tough, scouts from 3rd Washington and 1st Fatfield took part in a Bear Grylls style survival weekend. The weekend was the final part of the survival badge which both troops have been working towards on a Tuesday night.

We are now adventurexperts in survival after a weekend of building a rudimentary shelter (made from salvaged materials around our base camp), lighting fires without matches and cooking on an open fire. While we didn’t have to find the food for ourselves, we learned how to “peel” rabbits and about vegetation which is safe to eat and could be found in the area.

It wasn't quite a Brazilian jungle or the Sahara desert, but the woods at the back of Fatfield still left us with plenty of survival challenges and we are confident that should we ever be put in a real life survival situation our scouting knowledge would keep us safe.

Look out for more photos coming online soon. Badges will be presented at this week's parent's night for both troops.