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Scouts: Incredible Inventions Programme

posted 27 Feb 2012, 07:18 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 14:59 ]
Inventors and Explorers Programme Front
How can I fall asleep without the teacher noticing? How can I pour two cups of juice at the same time from one bottle?  These are just two of life's unsolved problems. This programme, we'll be putting the collective brilliance of the 80 Scouts in our two troops to mastermind and develop innovative solutions.

We'll also be exploring the Victoria Tunnel under Newcastle, meeting some real life adventurers and those who step in when it all goes wrong.

Of course there will be plenty of other stuff to do: highlights include a walk on the wildside, scintillating science at Newcastle University, a day out at Cragside, the home of some amazing inventions and Easter Camp at Dilston, near Hexham.

Scouts at 3rd Washington take part in a balanced programme. Through activity, the programme offers young people personal development opportunities that are physical, intellectual, spiritual and social.