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Scouts: I can do Science, Me

posted 26 Jan 2010, 15:47 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 ]
Scouts @ Oxclose and St Andrews kicked off the new Super Dooper Science programme with a bang and a fizz.

At St Andrews three patrols enjoyed the rocket themed wide game at Herrington Country Park, while the other three got to try their hand at no less than 8 different science experiments. Scouts found out that custard is a non-Newtonian liquid and why that makes it special, other than the fact it tastes good on cake. They also found out how to get a hard boiled egg into a milk bottle and a cool way to put out fires.

Oxclose scouts took part in our 'Don't try this at home' experiment and found that when it comes to rocket design that the best way is to keep the rocket light. We'll not be landing on the moon yet, but it was one small step for our excited scouts.

We'll be trying more Super Dooper Science over the next few weeks, but if you just can't wait, why not ask yourself and your friends this question. 'Can you lick your own elbow?'