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Scouts: Hunting the Penshaw Beast

posted 26 Oct 2011, 11:59 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 ]
Scout at Penshaw Monument
It wouldn't be October half term without giving Scouts a bit of a Halloween scare. Last night was definitely fright night as we headed off to the woods. Little did we know we would be searching for a beast.

We walked up the hill and turned left along the path into the darkness. Heading along the path, it was clear that something terrible had happened. Everyone huddled together, shocked and startled. Scott and Phil remained surprisingly calm for they knew what to do, 'The rumours are true', they exclaimed! 'The Penshaw beast has been here and we must find it quick.'

As Scouts headed into the forest, strange things happened and some questions still remain unanswered. What was that strange noise, where were Jonathan and Carl and who was the mysterious hiker.