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Scouts: Gravity Racing Challenge @Beamish_Museum

posted 5 Sep 2013, 14:58 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 23:17 ]
Scouts worked as teams to build their carts

Scouts have been finding out that history is an adventure too as they experienced the thrill of building and racing gravity carts at Beamish Museum.

The event was part of Beamish Museum's festival of agriculture and power from the past events and gave scouts the chance to work as part of a team, spending the morning building the carts before racing in the afternoon.

It took about 3 hours to built the vehicles from scratch, from measuring and cutting the wood to build the seat, the plank that supported the seat, and the two beams to which the wheels would be attached, to nailing it all together and testing the design. A few tweaks later a little decoration and each team had a go-cart ready to race. We also knew we wanted to beat the fourth team from Framwellgate Moor scouts.

After the frantic build, there was time for a short break for lunch before heading across to the other side of the museum where we would race. The Beamish staff team set out a course and explained that points were awarded for avoiding eggs they had placed on the course, for avoiding the markers and for completing a run where the driver didn't come out of the cart.

The racing was fast and furious and there were a couple of spectacular incidents as drivers struggled to keep their cart on the course, their pit crews quickly coming to their aid. After 3 runs per team and some carts looking the worst for wear we had a winning team of Ally, Callum, Matty and Shane who received a prize from the Beamish sweet shop.

Scouts had the opportunity to explore the museum until close and discovered the shuggy boats at the fun fair, the sweet shop in the town, and that the tram is a convenient (and lazy) way back to the entrance.

Scouts at 3rd Washington take part in a balanced programme that offers fun, challenge and adventure on a weekly basis. We carefully choose activities that can be accessed by all and spend extra time developing skills that promote collaboration and mutual respect.