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Scouts: Gravity Racing at Beamish

posted 3 Sept 2012, 13:54 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 ]
Scouts race down the hill at Power from the Past
Scouts proved history is an adventure too, taking a step back in time for the Power from the Past event at Beamish Museum.

20 scouts and leaders enjoyed playing Handy Andy for the morning, nailing, sawing and hammering (and walking round with a pencil behind their ear). Through the morning, scouts worked as teams to design, build and test their go-carts. All that was missing was some montage musci playing in the background as scouts set to work, the leader team there to support and offer their engineering might.

All four carts followed a similar bogey design, although subtle design differences ultimately led to better performance in the time trial for some teams, the massive spoiler that Chris added to his cart was probably a step too far.

With an hour spare between finishing the build and the beginning of the race, Scouts had some free time to experience some of the other vehicles brought in for the Power from the Past event including the vintage cars, traction engines and steam rollers.

Emily, aged 11 said, "I had a great morning building the cart, I've never been let loose with all the tools before. Racing this afternoon was great fun too, I couldn't believe how fast they went."

The race itself was a close contest between the four teams, The course was set, obstacles in place and all, the timer and the starter were in place and the excitement started to grow. Teams got three attempts each to race their cart down the course avoiding all the mounts of eggs and the winners were the team to achieve the fastest single run. Some of the runs were pretty spectacular as scouts pushed their go carts to the limits, quite a few scouts including Daniel managed to upturn their cart. After a really close race (the first and second teams posting exactly the same time) Nicholas, Nathan and Scott came up trumps.

After the race scouts enjoyed more time in the museum, having a ride on the chuggy boats, visiting the sweet shop and taking a tram ride around the site. A brilliant way to round off a fantastic day. Photos are now online in the photos zone.

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