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Scouts: Gladiators of Challenge, Fun and Adventure

posted 14 Sep 2012, 16:23 by Jack Fletcher   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 by Stephen Harrison ]
Launching into the scout section's 'Activate:Autumn' programme, scouts were challenged to get outdoors and face a giant inflatable obstacle course, space hoppers, a huge bouncy slide, and much more... all whilst up against the time, the setting sun - and - each other! 

To start the night, one scout blew the initial blow of the air-horn, sending a shockwave of enthusiasm through the already charged teams, ready to face the course. After a short few moments, the first team was off: clambering through the inflatable maze, climbing and sliding down the huge obstacle course all whilst being cheered on by one and other. Then, the infamous space-hopper race, scouts bounced along to the rhythm of adventure, a sharp turn and then on the home stretch... time for the next challenge... the footballs. This challenge was to face the obstacles ahead and all whilst carefully manoeuvring a football around them - as ever - against the clock. By this point, scouts were beginning to push their own boundaries, tackling a wall of tennis balls, a traditional potato-shy inspired game of targets, and then finally, to top it all off... a small climb to slide down a not so small slide, in fact a HUGE slide! All before a quick rest, and then it was time for take 2.

The night was a massive success with each and every scout pushing their own boundaries, whilst facing the clock, the light and (though incredibly fun) obstacles. The night came to a close with everyone receiving a well deserved medal.

During the Autumn programme, scouts are encouraged to stay outdoors, stay active and not let the weather - whatever it may be - to dampen the adventure. Other activities within this programme include scuba diving, a high-tech navigation hunt and a huge adventure/party weekend with over 600 other scouts from around the county. The Gladiator Challenge promises to be just the tip of the iceberg!

See photos from the event in the photos zone.

Scouts are often encouraged to develop teamwork skills and to push their own boundaries, whilst supporting others within a safe and secure environment. They enjoy what they do through adventure.