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Scouts: Ghosts, Geocaches and a Great Time @ Gainford

posted 30 Jan 2012, 12:27 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:01 ]
Scouts out on walk at Gainford
'There's a first time for everything', and this weekend certainly was a weekend of firsts, first of many nights away of 2012 and the first nights away as Scouts for many of our young people. As ever it was a packed weekend full of opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills and to have fun.

Scouts spent Friday night playing team games and getting to know each other ready to work together on Saturday morning. After a run to wake everyone up and a tasty sausage sandwich, Scouts were ready for the four activities that ran up to lunch. Scouts learned about using a GPS as they tackled our geocaching expert's challenge to race up Gainford's Spa fountain and find the cache, as well as pancake flipping (we know it's a little before pancake day, but it's good practice!), how to play kabaddi and a couple of lively games on the Xbox Kinnect. You can see from the photos that some of the pancakes did not go entirely to plan, some were barely recognisable as pancakes.

Scouts are entranced by ghost stories
After lunch, we unpacked our walking boots and headed up to Egglestone Abbey for a scenic stroll along the Tees to Whorlton. There was plenty of laughs as Scouts found opportunities to roll down hills, splash each other with water and play tag. Scout took turns to navigate (using both GPS and good old map) to keep us on the straight and narrow as we headed along the banks.

Saturday evening challenged the imagination of our young people as we headed back to Egglestone Abbey for a wide game in the dark. Leaders split the group in two. Those who had never been to the abbey by night were led to the crypt for a fright. Phil and Danni jumped up from the darkness scaring Scouts to the amusement of those who'd been there before. There were still more frights as patrols explored the Abbey during the widegame, hunting among the ghoulish shadows for the illusive stick of life, avoiding the vampires played by the leader team.

Scouts pioneering at GainfordBack at Gainford HQ, two mystery men arrived to tell ghost stories by candle light. One of the men was particularly mysterious wearing a long dark coat and black hat. He told of the Hand of Glory and how the ghostly occurrence haunts the Old Spital Inn. As the Hand of Glory struck, silence fell across the room. The candles flickered. The men disappeared as quickly as they arrived (we later found out he was none other than Gainford's Scout Leader, John Moore and Teesdale's DC Colin Clarke)

Scouts spent Sunday morning playing games and pioneering. Scouts worked together in to build a structure which they could monkey across with impressive results. Visit our image gallery to for more photos from the weekend.

Scouts can find out about more opportunities to experience nights away on our camping pages and can look forward to an exciting year of outdoor adventure.