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Scouts: Gainford Got Us Grinning

posted 20 Feb 2011, 13:08 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 ]
Last weekend Scouts enjoyed their first nights away of 2011. Our young people enjoyed a weekend packed full of activities which challenged Scouts to use their skills to solve problems, to work as a team and to stretch themselves but above all to have a great time.

On Saturday morning, Scouts tackled our geocaching expert's challenge to race up Gainford's Spa fountain using their GPSs to guide them, tried their hands at pancake flipping (not to be done in doors if this weekend taught us anything) and learned how to play kabaddi.

In the afternoon we unpacked our boots for a scenic walk along the Tees from Egglestone Abbey to Whorlton. Scouts took turns to navigate (using both GPS and map and compass) to keep us on the straight and narrow as we headed along the riverside. At the end of the three miles, the leaders looked more worn out than the Scouts!

Saturday evening challenged the imagination of our young people as we headed back to Egglestone Abbey for a wide game in the dark. The ruins of the abbey cast a ghoulish shadow across the playing area and provided hiding places aplenty for vampires.

Back at Gainford HQ, a mystery man in a long dark coat arrived to tell ghost stories by candle light. He told of the Hand of Glory and how the ghostly occurrence haunts the Old Spital Inn. As the Hand of Glory struck, silence fell across the room. The candles flickered. The man in the long dark coat disappeared as quickly as he arrived (we later found out he was none other than Gainford's Scout Leader, John Moore)

Scouts spent Sunday morning back outdoors playing games and pioneering. Scouts worked together in to build a structure which they could monkey across with impressive results. Visit our image gallery for more photos from the weekend.

Scouts can find out about more opportunities to experience nights away on our camping pages and can look forward to an exciting year of outdoor adventure.