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Scouts: First Weekend Away is a Snowy Adventure for Scouts

posted 22 Feb 2010, 03:03 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:00 ]
Archery, geocaching, wide games and a snowball fight all in one weekend? Must be 3rd Washington Scouts’ first weekend away of 2010.

Last weekend was a first chance for many of the younger members of the scout troop to spend a weekend away with the troop. Gainford Scouts kindly let us use their headquarters for the weekend, which gave us a great base to get outdoors for some activities.

Saturday morning started with a quick blast along the river to wake everyone up, then a sausage sarnie to eat. Breakfast done, on with the activies. Scouts teamed up for the morning activities and were able to rotate around 4 different bases pancake racing (yes we were a bit late for pancake Tuesday), geocaching, archery and pioneering. Many scouts learned new skills such as how to use a GPS and how to tie a square lashing.

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Eglestone Abbey for a 3 mile afternoon walk along the river Tees. Scouts got the opportunity to have a go at navigating and the GPSs came out again as scouts looked for one of the Geocaches at Whorlton. Tired and hungry we headed back to the scout hut for fish and chips. After tea we headed back to the abbey for a widegame and then John Moore the scout leader at Gainford told us some ghost stories.

Sunday morning was a very different day after the sunshine of Saturday we woke to find the ground frozen solid and within half an hour snow was falling. After bacon sandwiches for breakfast we carried on with activities regardless until the snow deep enough for an impromptu snow ball fight. The leader team took a bashing from a flurry of snowballs aimed their direction.

After clearing the Scout Hut, we headed home, leaving plenty of time for the effects of the bad weather we arrived back in Washington early. This really was a camp of first's for those involved.

Check out the pictures in the members area (more to be added soon)