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Scouts: Expedition Adventures

posted 12 Jul 2013, 08:43 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 23:16 ]
Expedition Challenge 1
After 12 weeks of planning and training, last weekend was finally time to put it all into practice as scouts embarked on their expedition challenge in Northumberland. Through the last programme scouts had practiced map reading, learned about expedition food, planned a hike route and learned about expedition nutrition.

Six teams set off in blistering heat on Saturday morning to explore the Hexham and Corbridge countryside, visiting a local landmark on the way. Two teams visited Allen Banks and Stawart Gorge, two visiting Ayden Castle through their day, another visiting Roman Corbridge and our final team visiting Chesters Roman Fort.

The first challenge was to use all of the map reading skills from the last programme and teams found out you can't lose concentration, or you very quickly find yourself off route! All of our teams found themselves off course at some point during the day, but after stopping to reorientate themselves, they were soon back on course.

Another challenge was dealing with the local farm animals, it wasn't long into the walk before the Merlins became our first team to find themselves in a field of cows unsure whether they should continue through the field or find another route. Fortunately after a bit of persuasion, the cows moved away from the footpath.

Scouts who visited Ayden Castle enjoyed the opportunity to have an unusual game of hide and seek, to find out a little about the castle from the English Heritage Guide, as well enjoying the chance to have some shelter from the sun.

After completing their respective walks, teams arrived at Dilston Campsite tired and ready for their expedition food which their team leader had organised for them. After tea, teams were ready to talk about their expedition successes and the sense of achievement they felt from completing their routes.

Scouts at 3rd Washington took part in Expedition Challenge as part of our balanced programme, which encourages young people to develop as individuals, as members of a team and as members of their local community. Expedition Challenge gives young people the chance to explore the world around them, to learn some new skills including first aid and navigation and to work as part of a team throughout the badge.