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Scouts: Easter Camp 2010 - Wellies and Waterproofs are an Essential for Adventure - Fact!

posted 7 Apr 2010, 14:15 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:01 ]
37 scouts and 10 leaders from 3rd Washington and Fatfield enjoyed a fantastic weekend of adventure from start to finish despite the efforts of the Great British weather.

Our second biggest camp of the year proved that knots are fun (when used to point an egg firing ballista at your leaders), navigation is easy (when the prize at the end is an Easter egg), it is possible to burn mashed potato and that no matter how bad the weather you will have a great time at camp.

On arrival at the site, scouts formed patrols and pitched their tents on a very muddy campsite in difficult weather conditions. Once tents were pitched, patrols explored the campsite before evening meal. For many scouts the experience of cooking evening meal was new and one patrol even managed to burn their mashed potato. Cooking disasters aside, everyone had worked very hard to get the site set up and an early night was called for.

Bacon sarnies started Saturday in the best way possible, for anyone who hasn’t been to camp, you need to visit if only to experience the smell of bacon wafting round the campsite at 7.30 in the morning.  After breakfast and a wash, patrols started the  day’s activities. Building teams, learning new skills and having a laugh was the aim of the day and scouts proved that they are no match for the weather as the navigation, fire lighting and archery carried on regardless. For any scouts still with energy, a high speed wide game in the woods  completed the day ensuring that all scouts hit their sleeping bags buzzing.

Without dropping the pace from the previous day Sunday began as every good day should with a hint of sun and an activity not to be missed. Patrols spent the morning perfecting a device which could hurl eggs at the leader team. At precisely fourteen minutes past twelve a very nervous looking leader team lined up on benches in the middle of the field. Facing them were 6 egg firing contraptions,  on varying degrees of quality and power In turn patrols fired their eggs across the field. Egg after egg sailed safely over until crack, Phil took a direct hit to his leg. Wounded, the leader sought revenge and swapped chairs with the PLs and APLs. Flinching cost Nicola an egg to the head and the scores were even.

After lunch patrols put their new navigation skills to the test - completing the orienteering course earned the patrol an Easter each. It’s amazing how quickly the teams covered the distance knowing the reward. After an evening meal of pasta, scouts joined in a traditional campfire with songs and skits and were in awe as the campfire was lit by a flaming  horse piñata  on a pulley.

Monday was by far the hardest day of camp. The weather turned the site into a mud bath and ensured that all scouts took plenty of muddy clothes home to wash. Although the weather was poor we managed to collapse the site and return to Washington only an hour late -  late just like normal!

Thanks to all of the leader team who made the event happen. We hope all scouts enjoyed the adventure as much as we did.

We'll do it all again in the summer, but bigger, better and even more adventure! Dates and further info on the camping page and don't forget to visit the photos zone to see the pics!