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Scouts: Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

posted 18 Nov 2013, 13:06 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 7 Aug 2014, 23:18 ]
Scouts enjoy the beach
Leadership weekend is always a unique experience for scouts... it's a chance to bring together young people who aspire to be leaders, not just in scouting, but leaders of the future. The focus of the weekend is to help those young people to develop their skills, to think about how they work with others and to give them a set of tools that help them to lead others in scouting.

A pretty hectic weekend started with a packed Friday night, with discussion about expectations of the weekend, some team challenges and some thoughts on what makes a 'Super Patrol Leader'.

The pace on Saturday morning was just as quick, as patrols woke early to race sedan chairs before breakfast (it's important for PLs to be able to motivate themselves and others early on a morning). After breakfast, scouts discussed how they can support leaders to manage their patrols and tried out using 4 different leadership styles (democratic, supportive, formal directive and passive).

After lunch, our aspiring leaders, tried their hand as individuals at following instructions, with some very amusing results, including Tom squawking loudly in the hall. There was also a session on prioritisation and delegation, as scouts worked to complete 50 tasks in around an hour, including lighting a fire, holding a human pyramid and cooking popcorn.

In the evening, there was a break from the programme to visit Durham Lumieres, an amazing set of illumiated artwork in the hugely crowded city. The Durham Cathedral was impressive, but not as cool as the 3D projection of a lifesize elephant on Elvet Bridge!

Our Sunday programme allowed scouts to reflect on the skills they had learned over the weekend as teams set off on a scavenger hunt to the beach, looking for items such as shells, a copy of the front page of a newspaper and a postcard as well as taking pictures of themselves with a boat, with a statue or on a tennis court. It was a great lighthearted way to test out some navigation skills too.

Resources for patrol leaders can be found on our Taking the Lead pages.

Through scouting, young people can develop skills which improve their life chances, our Taking the Lead programme is just one of the many opportunities available to scouts which helps them to grow as individuals and as members of the scouting and local community.