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Scouts: Chivalry, Trapped Maidens and a Rescue

posted 18 Jan 2011, 15:21 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:01 ]
Back in the Middle Ages when men were strong and chivalrous, and the knights of the round table fought for glory, there lived a beautiful princess called Tia. She lived alone in a tower after her father the evil King of Castle Bolton locked her away fearing that she would run away with a handsome prince. Scouts took up the challenge of building a tower which would keep Tia safe, with only some newspaper and tape, scouts managed to build towers two metres and beyond.

Not a day went by without a handsome young prince coming to the King asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage, however the only answer he gave was that they had to break into the tower to free his daughter and then they could marry her. Now, her tower was strongly built with huge locks on the door, no man could ever get in without a key. Then along came a clever prince who built a cushion for her to land on. Scouts built a which to prevent Princess Tia (cleverly disguised as an egg) from hurting herself as she jumped, with varying results, the Princess had better choose her prince carefully.

Once the Prince saved Tia, he needed to get as far away from the tower as possible, the snow was deep and the only way to leave was by ski. Scouts skied as a to escape the anger of her father.

As part of scouting, our young people learn to work together as part of a team and our programme helps to devlop leadership through our activities and balanced programme.