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Scouts: Can with a Nissan...

posted 15 Apr 2012, 04:02 by Jonathan Chicken   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:01 by Stephen Harrison ]
Take twenty would-be explorers and inventors to Europe's most productive car plant and you'll quickly learn that a scout's intrigue at car production has few limits.
Scouts in the Nissan Factory

On arrival at Nissan's UK's Sunderland plant, scouts were given high-visibility jackets and a special wireless audio system to ensure the guide's explanation was clear. They quickly headed straight onto the production line, a breathtaking mix of robots, conveyors, trucks and cars moving overhead.

Scouts followed a Qashqai through its assembly, astounded at the way all the various parts of the car arrive at the line 'just in time' and many take just 59 seconds to install, connect and check. At £3000 a minute, any delays to production were costly, but scouts found out the importance of team work, quality checking and hard work.

Scouts left the plant in awe at the scale, precision and enormity of car production just a few miles from where they live.

Nissan UK offer plant tours regularly. Other groups should contact Barry Loneragan, the Plant Tour Coordinator to arrange a visit.

As part of our 'Explorers and Inventors' programme, scouts from both troops have taken part in a broad range of themed activities, visits and experiences. Through a fun and balanced programme, Scouts enjoy real experiences that help them develop a better understanding of the world around them and learn essential citizenship skills for the future.