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Scouts: Bringing Adventure to More Young People

posted 20 Jul 2012, 06:58 by Stephen Harrison   [ updated 21 Aug 2013, 15:01 ]
Tomorrow scouts from 3rd Washington and 1st Fatfield will be setting off for a huge adventure, heading to Yair in the Scottish Borders, but before we even set off, it's taken a huge amount of planning behind the scenes. Preparation to take 58 young people and 16 adults away is no mean feet and the adult team behind the event has been working hard to make it happen.

The planning started back in January when we made the first activity booking, confirmed the site and booked our minibuses. Back in Jan, we had no idea that it would be our biggest camp to date. With 3 months to go, the programme started to take shape, the big activities were booked and as we go to France with the district everything was going to plan

1 month to go and letters went out to parents, for the first time it's clear just how big the event is going to be. We're planning for an extra 10 in camp, and the budget is looking healthy. Details of our in house activities are being finalised and our equipment is being checked.

1 week to go and it's all hands to the pumps, our detailed plans are complete, menu in place and our numbers confirmed. Shopping is a huge job, although made slightly easier by Tescos delivery. All adults in the team are busy, preparing hike checkpoints, grouping scouts into patrols, checking tents and equipment, collecting minibuses and planning the details of our onsite activities. We've a food budget of around three thousand pounds for the week,  so it's more than your average trip to ADSA.

As the 74 of us leave for Scotland tomorrow, we'll start to see the fruits of our labour. There's nothing more rewarding than 60 scouts having a great time! We'll try and update our blog from Scotland, phone signal permitting, so look out for more summer camp posts throughout the week, follow us on twitter @3rdwashscouts and check for photos in our gallery.

Summer Camp is made possible by a committed team of adult volunteers with the support of parents and young leaders. Collectively they've given hundreds of voluntary hours to make the week come together as a huge success. To find out more about supporting our growing team of volunteers, visit Even if you can only spare a couple of hours a month, you can help us provide more adventure to young people in Washington.